Corporate presentation with attention to detail and speed

Websupport is a leading Slovak provider of hosting and server solutions.
In 2021, it underwent a major redesign of its corporate identity and expanded its operations in other countries by merging into a multinational company.

Our task was to create a corporate website in WordPress based on the supplied graphic design integrated into the internal infrastructure.

Phase 1

Analysis of design

For the implementation, we received a graphic design that our WebSupport had to develop in-house.

Our task was to analyse the provided materials and design a technical solution that would meet the performance, editing and sustainability requirements.

Editing content via Gutenberg

The main requirement for content editing was the use of components from which the content of individual subpages could be “composed”.

Therefore, we implemented more than 60 custom Gutenberg blocks, which make up the entire content of the website.

Technical features


The entire e-shop is currently functional into three languages for Slovakia, Czech Republik a Hungary.

It is a so-called Multisite, where we have all three sites in one WordPress installation, but each has a separate administration, while user accounts and database are shared.


To manage the purchase of products and services, we integrated the WebSupport sales application into the website.

All prices displayed on the site are provided via API and once logged into the WebSupport admin panel and this login is shared with the site.

In addition, we have integrated classic marketing tools such as Google Tag Manager.

Migrácia a spustenie

Due to the scale of the project and the large media campaign, the process of preparing the new websites and then switching to live operation was quite a tough nut to crack.

The gradual preparation of the components and the addition of content parts to the website allowed us to manage this process and we we successfully launched to all three websites without any major complications.

Core Web Vitals

As one of the goals of the site was to meet Google’s Core Web Vitals and achieve the best possible Page Speed Insights score.

That’s why we spent a lot of time and energy on optimizing the code and the entire solution. We worked out all the details the details that helped us get the site in the best shape possible. 

We would like to thank Martin Michalek for his cooperation, who did a review and analysis of the solution in terms of speed, in terms of speed and provided us with feedback for the final optimisation.

I had a great time working with Webikon. Communication was always prompt and even if there was a misunderstanding, there was always a willingness to find a systematic solution.

Ľuboš Lahký

CMO, Websupport