We are a group of professionals who enjoy what they do and who chose to work in a team free from corporal limitations and old-fashioned leadership practices.

Our values



We stand for a functional and simple design – a design that is clean but clever and attention-grabbing. Our designs are a representation of clients’ needs and are a reflection of their character.



We build our relationships on honest, open and fair communication, onconversations that push us forward. This way we can trust and rely on each other. We consider setting clear agreements and maintaining set responsibilities is the cornerstone of a successful collaboration.



We enjoy working together on meaningful projects. We hope our passion for all things online will inspire others.



Respect and support are the building blocks of our team. We welcome different opinions and needs and we are proactive about gender, age and geographical diversity in our team.



Our clients are our partners. We strive to continuously learn from each other and to find more effective ways to work together. We are transparent about our process and we take responsibility for our work.



Our work requires deep focus and lots of communication, both of which are very demanding. We therefore create space for each other to spend time together and share anything important that is going on in their work or personal life.

Webikon team

Ján Bočínec

Marketing and team coordinator

Marek Daňko

Marek Daňko

Team and project coordinator

Peťo Daňko

Project manager

Pavol Caban

Senior developer and QA

Šimon Cihra

Full stack developer

Boris Daňko

Junior frontend developer

Martin Tomášek

Designer and UX specialist

Boris Kakuta

Full stack developer

Peter Nemčok

Consultant and manager for PlatobneBrany.sk

Nikola Hricková


Our services


We believe that design should be about the symbiosis between visual and user experience.

Our team can lead our clients through the entire design process- from the initial consultation, through UX to the final graphic design for websites, web and mobile apps.


The core of our company resides in rigorous technical construction of web and mobile applications. 

We focus on always selecting the appropriate technology, keeping up with web development best practices, providing thorough project management and effective communication.


We are well-aware that launching a website is not the last stage of a project development. We like to look at it as more of its first step.

To help your project run smoothly and continue bringing value to your clients, we take care of the technical aspects of your web or app in the long-term.

We create innovative and meaningful solutions.
Join our successful clients.